A source yesterday told the New Age that an attempt by President Koroma to impose his Foreign Minister Samura Kamara as APC’s 2018 presidential standard was last week resisted in a meeting of National Advisory Council (NAC) members.

This, many say, is no doubt a clear signal that there is serious divide in the APC ahead of the party’s national delegates’ conference in October this year.

Revelations are that the meeting which was chaired by no less a person but President Koroma ended in a stalemate.

They say the bulk of the membership of NAC had said that Samura Kamara is an unpopular choice that is having little or no influence in the APC and the country respectively.

Although the APC has not made public the unfortunate as has happened in the meeting, facts are that the NAC gathering started on good footing but went panic-stricken immediately after President Koroma made a suggestion that ‘the party should look for a flagbearer that will harmonize its membership,’ stating however that Samura Kamara is the competent person to make that happen.

That the President’s attempt in imposing Samura Kamara saw sizeable number of party officials challenging the President’s pick.

This, on the other hand, saw the meeting disintegrating into serious bewilderment, with the Minister of Education, Minkailu Bah, allegedly angrily remarking that: “Samura Kamara isn’t a politician but a professional, and that the APC needs a seasoned politician to lead the party in 2018.”

The confusion, we are told, resulted in the meeting going into a recess and upon resumption, President Koroma and the APC Secretary General skillfully avoided discussing Samura Kamara for leadership, but decided to read out the timetable for the party’s lower level elections and convention.

NAC’s rejection of the President’s choice seems to suggest that there is indeed a cold war in the party, which slowly is reaching melting point.

That the talked about ‘selection’ of a presidential candidate for the APC may also probably not hold come the national delegates’ conference in Makeni this October.