Following an ongoing conflict between Moijueh Kai Kai, the sacked Minister for Social Welfare and Gender; and his Deputy, Mustapha Bai Attila which exploded into a full blown crisis, the deputy Minister has accused the president of ungratefulness.

Mustapha Bai Attila

“NA PRESIDENT KOROMA NA HIM OFFEND SAM SUMANA”, The deputy Minister Bai Atilla uttered this statement during the friction between him and Moijueh Kai Kai.

Many of the APC Ministers hold Chief Sam Sumana in high esteem and are grateful to him. They are aware the life they are living now would not have been possible if Sam Sumana did not single handedly finance the APC party.

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Atila’s statement about president Koroma is indicative of end of the road for the president’s unending assault on our constitution, corruption, bribery and the destruction of our institutions.

Every dog as his day. As president Koroma’s appointed Ministers start to speak out against the president cunny tricks that has unsettle our country, the hay days of the president has reach its waterloo; the colossus, and the Goliath but the David is here to lead.


When a man is ungrateful to his benefactor he fails in every sphere of life. In the case of president Koroma a man presiding over a broken society, his deeds are taking over his judgement. A curse or a blessing; your guess.

We all know president Koroma when he was a teacher striving to make ends meet. He joined RITCORP for a better living. At RITCORP life was tough for him. He later entered politics and joined SORBEH were he migrated from to the great APC.

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Today he hijack the party and turn it to his personal belongings recruiting failed diasporans as Ministers to run his cartel, an enterprise he leads.

A leader who stands in the way of justice and prevent the prosecution of criminals is a criminal himself.

There is no excuse to express on behalf of president Koroma for the nation to forgive him. People would have forgiven the president for the actions of his Ministers especially his appointed Ministers; but he approves and endorses their actions.

People live by example; and his appointed Ministers are copying what they see, breaking the laws and the abuse of office.

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More than half of his Ministers and Sierra Leoneans know that the sprawling lawlessness in the country is due to poor leadership particularly the failure of the president to observe and implement the laws that govern the nation.

As the president is renowned for protecting law breakers in the likes of his blue eye boys the humiliation for the president as a lawless and ungrateful man has gone into the annals of History of our politics.