Heavily armed robbers have stepped up their diabolic activities in Bo City, attacking several communities, wounding several people and looting several houses, a situation which has sent shock shivers right across the city where the Police officers have been put on red alert.

Armed Robbers 2

During an emergency press conference convened past Wednesday by the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Mustapha Kamara, to map out ways to nip the ugly development in the bud, all stakeholders that attended including the civil society lamented that the spate of armed robbery has become very alarming to the point that most residents of the city now spend sleepless nights for fear of the roving robbers who keep causing mayhem almost every night especially around the outskirts of the city.

AIG Kamara informed journalists, civil society and other stakeholders that from the 1st to the 7th February, 2015, there had been eight reported cases of armed robbery during which many people were wounded by machetes and other poisonous weapons wielded by the robbers, who now go house to house at night breaking into the dwellings of people and carting away huge sums of money and properties worth millions of Leones after inflicting injuries on their victims.

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The AIG reported that on the 6th February, 2016, heavily armed robbers attacked one Sam Turay of Block 3, Old Railway Quarters and robbed him his mobile phone after wounding him on the neck, furthering that on the 6th February, robbers armed to the teeth raided the house of one Mrs Kadiatu Koroma at Simbaru 2 Section around Towama and robbed her five million Leones, beat her mercilessly and cut off her fingers after wounding her on her foot and forehead.

On the same night, the AIG went on, one Bobor Morsima of New York Section was attacked by armed robbers who robbed his mobile phone and wounded him severely, adding that on that same night, a lady called Hassanatu at Mattru Road was attacked by armed thieves who stole her computer and one million Leones while Ibrahim Barrie of 48 Mattru Road was also attacked, robbed and wounded.

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AIG Kamara expressed disappointment over the fact that most of the perpetrators of the robbery are yet to be apprehended but said they have issued medical forms to all the victims who reported to the Police.

He noted that logistics constraints have been hampering their efforts to swiftly respond to crime but that frantic efforts are being made to address the problem, noting that the Police alone cannot combat crime unless they get overwhelming support from the various communities in the city.