No one seems to know the rationale behind the spate of armed robbery in the Country especially when the trend is now on a daily basis. It is particularly perplexing for People in the Northern District of Port Loko, where the spree does not only at regular intervals, but that every new case is far more horrifying than the previous occurrence.


It boils down to a scary level of insecurity for the defenseless Inhabitants who are no longer at liberty to go about their normal activities. The People cannot even travel freely or boast of a sound sleep at night for fear of armed robbery attacks. The task is equally daunting for the Sierra Leone Police –the Organisation that is charged with the responsibility to secure the lives and properties of every Jack Hill and Harry.

In the Northern District of Port Loko for instance, where there are 3 recorded alleged murder cases, the killing of innocent and defenceless people is ongoing. The most recent of these brutal killings occurred about 3 days ago and it involves a 21 year old man popularly known as ‘K P’.

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He was a JSS 3 Pupil at the Koblo Queen Secondary School in Lunsar and doubled as a Commercial Motor Bike Rider otherwise called an Okada Rider. He was a native of Masorko Village in the Marampa Chiefdom. He was slaughtered with multiple injuries and dragged off the road, while his Motor Bike was snatched away. K P is believed to have been murdered on 24th September but his death was only discovered on 25th September.

The incident was first noticed by a woman who was going to sell some charcoal to Lunsar. She left her village very early in the morning and was shocked when she saw a pool of blood along the road. She ran back to the village and informed the Headman who quickly mobilised Stakeholders to the Scene. Upon their arrival, a search was conducted and the remains of ‘K P’ were discovered just a few yards from the Road.

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The Police surfaced shortly afterwards and a closer look at the body, suggests that K P was slaughtered from the back of his neck. He also sustained a deep cut wound on his head, face and left hand. Ibrahim B Kamara is the Public Relations Officer of the Marampa Branch of the Motor Bike Riders Union and one of those closely following the matter.

He said the incident happened between Masorkor and Rojail-Kalangba villages. He said in an interview with the Sierra Leone News Agency [SLENA] that, K P was returning to his village that fatal evening after the day’s work. He said the now diseased was last seen with a Pelion heading towards the direction where his remains were later discovered. It seemed the Motor Bike was taken away after he was overpowered in a scuffle and before he was hacked to death.

The Public Relations Officer further disclosed how the Pelion Rider has sine not been seen and is believed to be on the run with the Motor bike in question.

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The Remains of KP were later conveyed to the Lunsar Police Station from where they were transported to the Government Hospital in Port Loko, where a post-mortem examination was conducted by Dr. George. The body has since been handed over to relatives for burial as Police intensifies investigation.

It would be recalled that a good number of arrests have been made in relation to the series of alleged murder cases in Lungi. A hold- up charge has been proffered on those Suspects who are expected to appear in Court any time from now, to commence their trial in earnest. But would it be speedy enough and would they be accorded the deserved punishment if found guilty? [By Hassan Bruz]