The album of Sierra Leone Number 1 hit song ‘Vanity’ would be officially launched at the Family Kingdom come Valentine’s Day February 14.


In an interview with Abdul-razak Kanu whose stage name is Arkman, He revealed to Awoko that the show endeavours to bridge the gap between social strata that is why provision is made for all and sundry.

“The ticket price ranges from Le 25,000 ordinary to 500,000 platinum,” he explained.

Arkman explained that this is going to be an epoch-making launching “for the first time ever; fans would be thrilled with typical Sierra Leone Palm wine music with live band performance.”

He explained that the chosen date for the launch was deliberate. “Before now the perception was that Valentine’s Day was meant to engage in sex, hence lots of girls were deflowered.” That is why the theme of the launch is “Say No to Teenage Pregnancy” to change that perception, to let teenagers know that you can express love in multiple ways by giving gifts to loveg ones rather than engage in sex.

Speaking about the song ‘Vanity’, he explained that it is a social call to prick the minds of Sierra Leoneans that “we’ve lost the culture of love, people are so desperate to get rich at all cost. Vanity is a word of caution because all is vanity. It is not that I’m against wealth, hell no! I ‘m just cautioning the means of acquiring it,” he averred.

He urged his fans to come and witness a launch that would remain indelible in their minds for eternity. “The deco theme of the hall will be Sierra Leone’s national colours- green, white and blue. The ambiance is going to be uniquely local with a creative twist,”  He said.

Arkman also assured guaranteed security inside and outside of the auditorium.