Rumors are that the leadership of the Coalition for Change (C4C) party, Samuel Abubakarr Sidique Sam Sumana has been offered three million dollars to entice him supports the ruling APC party in the March 31 run-off elections.

Kono District sources say the C4C leadership is currently in standoff following assertions that huge amount of money has been offered them in exchange of their support for the APC ahead of the scheduled run-off polls.

They say loyalists the likes of Chief Songo Brewa, others have ceded to monetary offer reportedly put forward by the ruling party to the C4C leadership.

That they are now intensely doing their bits in luring the C4C chain of command supports the APC as presumed financial bidder.

Findings are that the mass electorates of the diamondiferous Kono District have promised going against any form of declaration by the leadership of C4C if such is not in the interest of the country and of people of Kono.

That Kono District unlike other districts nationwide suffered most in terms of development and direct individual repression during the ten years of APC governance.

It is true Kono District was promised a university college by President Koroma, but ends as a promise unfulfilled.

Reference must also be drawn to situations in which Sam Sumana, who now leads the C4C, was sadly and unconstitutionally sacked as country’s Vice President, implicitly banished, and chased out of Sierra Leone and at his Ghana abode, where he had sought refuge for number of years.

Sam Sumana who later took his case to the ECOWAS Court saw the court handed down ruling that president Koroma’s sacking of him (Sam Sumana) as vice president, in 2015, after accusing him of “abandoning” his duties by seeking political asylum in the US embassy, was illegal and that Koroma must pay restitution damages.

The court ruling comes against the earlier decision of the Sierra Leone Supreme Court Judges, who said that Koroma as Supreme ruler of Sierra Leone has the right to sack the vice president.

Rumours linking Sam Sumana and his C4C party ceding to the ruling APC party’s request in the run-off polls, shocked many including some of his Ghanaian and Nigerian sympathizers, who over the years, have financially supported him (Sam Sumana) whilst in Ghana as a runaway politician.

But although Chief Songo Brewa told NEW AGE that the C4C is returning to the APC, Sahr Emerson Lamina (C4C parliamentarian elect) said report making the rounds that Sam Sumana and the C4C will support the APC at run-off polls is untrue and a mere propaganda.