The outspoken Publicity Secretary of the main opposition SLPP (Sierra Leone Peoples Party), Lahai Lawrence Leema has told the Global Times that, the ruling APC Party have discovered that, “there is no way that they can win the 2018 General Elections. They have seen the signs boldly written on the wall”.

Mr. Leema noted that, the APC Party was now falsely accusing civil society organizations and the international community of siding with the opposition against them. “They have smelt defeat that is why they are complaining about the voter register…They failed to manipulate the figures after they engaged in massive multiple registrations across the country…Now they are complaining that, they are not satisfied with the Final Voter Register”, Mr. Leema said.

The SLPP Publicity Secretary noted that, the APC Party have still not agreed on their flag bearer candidate. “It shows that, they are not even ready for the March 2018 polls”, he said.

Mr. Leema said that, any attempt made the APC Party to prolong their stay in office beyond March 7, 2018 “will be resisted by the suffering people of this country…People are really fed up with the APC Party”, Mr. Leema said.

He called on NEC (National Electoral Commission) to remain focused and ensure that credible, free and fair elections are held on March 7, 2018.

Mr. Leema assured that, those leaving the SLPP now, were never committed to the Party. “They were in the party only for the sole purpose of leading it…They have failed to convince party supporters that is why they have left the Party”, Mr. Leema said.

The SLPP spokesman noted that the party remains stronger than ever before and were set for the March 7, 2018 elections.