The new Acting Leader and Chairman of the United Democratic Movement (UDM), Mohamed Sowa, has described the ruling APC and the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) as twins of the same character responsible for the backwardness of this country.


He made this statement yesterday in an interview with this medium, when asked to comment on the resignation of the erstwhile Leader and Chairman of the party, Mohamed Bangura.

He noted that when Mr. Bangura tendered his resignation, there were mixed feelings within the party as many members thought the party will not survive without its former leader who had been synonymous with the UDM.

He recognized the role of Mohamed Bangura in taking the party from nowhere to higher height, and promised as leader to do more in sustaining the UDM even after the resignation of its former leader.

Mr. Sowa also promised to continue putting the government on its toes by objectively criticizing its actions, policies and activities, and to as well speak for the voiceless and vulnerable in society.

He expressed optimism that the UDM could still survive like any other political party in the country and urged party members to continue participating in the party’s activities and for other well meaning Sierra Leoneans to join the party.

The Acting Leader and Chairman maintained that whatever the UDM is doing is in the best interest of the country and appealed to grassroots Sierra Leoneans with political vision to take up membership, while assuring that the party is open to everyone.

He also spoke about the idea of a third force on which basis the UDM was formed, adding that he strongly believes such a political force is definitely going to change the political and socio-economic dynamics of the country.

He rubbished what he called the wrong perception held by some members of the public that the UDM is being bankrolled by President Koroma and the APC government, adding that despite their financial challenges he is in contact with the entire membership of the party including those in the Diaspora to embark on fund raising activities.

Meanwhile, in a letter dated 16th November 2015, sent to the Secretary General of the UDM in which Mohamed Bangura announced his resignation from the party, he stated that he was honoured to serve as leader of the party for the past years.

He said that it was with a heavy heart that he was stepping down from the position as leader and chairman of the party as well as his membership.

“The time I have spent, as leader of this party has been some of the most fulfilling of my entire career.

However there comes a time when opportunities of a different nature present themselves.

As a man of strong moral conviction, I will be remiss to ignore the path God has sent before me,” stated Mr. Bangura in his letter.
He furthered that his decision to resign his esteemed position was not made lightly, saying it comes with a strong sense of loss.

“I will always be indebted and thankful for the friendship and support that I have enjoyed over these many years. As I take on a new pursuit saying goodbye to so many friends is not an easy task, not one that I particularly will enjoy.

The future has called me to walk a different path. I feel blessed that I will be taking your friendship with me,” he concluded.