A cargo tracking company- Transport and Port Management Services (TPMS) – is now in disorder following allegations that the company has been hoodwinked and monies to the tune of USD 1.4 million swindled.

Findings state that Jean Codo, a Beninese French national, reliably established TMPS after introducing cargo tracking concept to the Sierra Leone government months preceding the Ebola outbreak.

As founder and title holder, Jean, employed Aminata Bangura, the current ruling APC Youth League Vice President as the company’s manager.

Aminata, report states, was running the affairs of TMPS but afterward covertly appointed one Sahr Ngegba as the Chief Executive Officer, and the two as a result conspiratorially started withdrawing monies amounting USD 1.4 million from the company’s Guaranty Trust Bank account, then transferred same to Red Coat account; a company owned by Sahr.

The USD 1.4 million apparently found in the GTB account was raised owing to payments made to TPMS by cargoes during months of operations.

Findings are that Jean Codo decided dismissing his appointed Manager Aminata shortly after realizing that the latter had conspired with Sahr to surreptitiously hoodwink TPMS from him.

He is said to have complained Aminata and Sahr to the Anti Corruption, National Commission for Privatization, Sierra Leone Police and, of course, Financial Intelligence Unit for corruption and related fraud.

He presently has instructed the company’s banker’s freezes accounts owned and belonging to TPMS tentatively.

Sources say Sahr and Aminata have opened stealthy accounts with a new name and were asking cargoes owners pay fees for services provided them to the unidentified accounts.

Till date, payments by cargoes are reportedly paid into the undisclosed accounts as opened by Sahr and Aminata.

TPMS has since commenced operations on 2nd April 2015, but is yet to account on how much it has collected, what’s government 60% shares too.

Reports have it that the company is said to have accounted for payments on cargo tracking (import) at less USD 600.000, then slyly not accounted for fees on export tracking.

Sahr who claims to be CEO of TPMS, in an interview, admits Jean Codo owns 51% shares in the company, but revealed he (Jean Codo) was dismissed following a decision by the company’s board of directors.

In letter written by the Acting Executive Secretary National Commission for Privatization to the Acting Manager Sierra Leone Ports Authority, dated 14th October, 2014, it is made clear that the CEO of TPMS is Mr. Jean Codo.

Excerpt of the NCP letter reads: “I refer to the above and in relation to your position as Acting General Manager of Sierra Leone Ports Authority, the Commission hereby formally introduce Mr. Jean Codo- CEO of the above named company.”

“In light of the above, I ask that you legally cooperate with him in all matters relating to the cargo tracking note and inform this Commission accordingly,” the letter further stated.

Confirmations are that TPMS has also not been paying dues for its workers to NASSIT at all.

Kofi Adai, Chief Finance Officer TPMS said his company has abortively not made payments to NASSIT owing to agreement between the two- TPMS and NASSIT.

The Anti Corruption has confirmed investigating alleged fraud at TPMS but said it is yet to obtain statement from the NCP Chairman, to have him explain whether the company has been paying the 60% fee to government.

CEO Jean Codo, our findings reveal, is owner of Associated Transport Port Management Solutions, a company operating in Nigeria, Madagascar, Guinea, USA and, of course, Sierra Leone.