A member of the National Advisory Council (NAC) of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo has said that they are putting modalities in place to elect their flag bearer, the new executive and Members of Parliament.


Talking to this medium Hon. I.B. Kargbo said the next general elections are drawing near and they are now putting modalities in place to make sure they choose the best of all the candidates that will represent the party as their flag bearer in the coming elections.

“We know that there are many of our comrades that are interested in the flag bearership, but not all of them will succeed. What we want is the best among the lot that will stand the test of time and will be more competent and marketable to the public than the other political parties.”
He said not all of them have the criteria to be leader and not all of them are marketable, because the candidate they will choose, should be acceptable to all party stalwarts and the general public.

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“We want to win the next general elections and we must make sure that we look for a candidate that within and outside of the party has credibility, integrity, vision and action oriented to take over the mantle from President Ernest Koroma.”

Hon. I B Kargbo averred that they have already discussed with President Koroma who has given them the go ahead to start the process and it is not only for the flag bearer but for he party executives and Members of Parliament.

“We will be going to convention soon, which is very important in the party’s constitution, where we will meet and make sure we get things done by the book and come out stronger than ever.”

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When asked if there is infighting in the party for the flag bearer position, Hon I.B. Kargbo laughed and said why should there be infighting for that position when the party structure is well in place.

“As I have told you, we will go to the convention choose all our candidates and executives and we will come out stronger together and more united to win the 2018 elections with ease.”

He said they have been doing their homework and when the choice is made it will be accepted by all and we all will rally behind him or her to victory so that we will continue our vision to make Sierra Leone great, peaceful and prosperous.