The Inspector General of police, Francis Munu has called an emergency police management meeting asking what exactly the police can do to help the government at the constituency 025 bye elections due Saturday December 19th.


According to APC inside sources,this is coming after President Earnest Bai Koroma has expressed displeasure with the constituency 030 election report stating that “It’s like a defeat”.

Maada Bio, through advice and arrangements of Prince Harding, has had a meeting with Earnest Bai Koroma. Maada wants to go to Kono, but Earnest Bai Koroma wants him to hands off the Kono elections. We don’t know yet what and how Maada might help Earnest Bai Koroma in the Kono bye elections.

Watch it Bai Koroma and APC are in deep trouble, particularly the unilateral decision taken by president Koroma to sack a sitting VP and push for his (EBK) unconstitutional third term.

Meanwhile, Sahr Ngeba, Diana and Logus Koroma have boasted that they will deliver the seat, but Karamoh Kabba has warned against “Being too sure”.

An APC Insider said “APC  we are meeting now to see how we can move to Kono and do the magic. The  Problems are: If Maada disappoints us, it will be a disaster. And If the police don’t help us, we are doomed”.

The Insider continues “We have discovered that the two Paramount Chiefs in constituency 025 and Chief Philip Koroma, are not actually with the APC”.

He went on “We plan to arrest Philip Tondoneh, one Keili and a cousin of our candidate Tom Tucker who has been identified as a mole”.

And finally, the Insider went on our Secretary General,  Yansaneh,  IB Kargbo and our youth leader had a meeting and concluded that only if President Koroma loses Kono,  would he pay attention to us and not Logus, Diana and hypocrite Karamoh.

From now until Friday,  anything can happen but it seems what Karamoh Kabba reiterate might happen in Kono.