After the rigorous process of screening, vetting and assessing aspirants for symbols of Constituencies 001 and 050 in Kailahun and Port Loko Districts, the All Peoples Congress finally awarded symbols for the two constituencies.

The Party’s Scribe Amb. Alhaji Osman Yansaneh said it is the system the party has put in place and it has been successful. This time, they would not deviate from it and they finally came up with the candidates for both constituencies in the upcoming bye elections in the country.

The Secretary General said in consultation with all relevant organs of the party, The National Advisory Committee (NAC) awarded Haja Nasratu Jalloh nee Ngobeh for Constituency 001 in Kailahun District and Osman Karankay Conteh for Constituency 050 in Port Loko District.

Alhaji Osman Yansaneh said the nomination of all candidates will take place on Thursday 9th June where their candidates will be nominated at the relevant NEC offices and prepare for the elections.

When ask whether they will win the elections, Alhsji Osman Yansaneh said they are very confident and because of all they have done since they took office he believes they will win.

“Today, we have changed the face of Kailahun by giving them a good road and we have been implementing other projects in the district to alleviate poverty.”

The Secretary General said they have chosen the best candidates in the two districts and they believe they will deliver the required results the party is looking for.

He called on all and sundry to come out in their numbers to support the party to victory and urged all to make the party win their existing seat and win another to show that the party is still popular in the country.

The party, he said, will support their candidates fully and make sure these seats are won to show the entire country that APC is still the party to bring prosperity to the nation.