The Vice-President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Ambassador Dr. Victor Bockarie Foh, has declared publicly that the ruling All Peoples Congress, APC supporters are suffering from a disease he referred to as “HARDUPTITIS”, meaning they are financially stranded.

He made the statement past Friday during an APC meeting held at the party office along Tikonko Road in Bo.

The Vice-President blamed the ugly situation on the avarice of certain top party officials who he accused of pocketing all the monies they got from the generous President Koroma.

He furthered that many party supporters have reported to him that the Resident Minister, South, Muctarr Conteh, is notoriously tight-fisted. VP Foh, however, argued that the Resident Minister does not have much to offer party supporters who, he stated, must be supporting the Resident Minister but cautioned the Resident Minister to be sharing with party supporters whatever he has.

Victor Foh APC

The Vice-President urged the party supporters that since they are cash-stranded, they must not hesitate to accept monies offered to them by intending flag bearer aspirants of the party, saying ‘UNA FOR CHAP DEM.’

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Victor Foh stressed that the APC is not for sale. ‘Where were the intending flag bearer aspirants now scattering money when some of us were in jail?’ he asked rhetorically.

He told the press that he is not an over-ambitious man that is why he is satisfied with his position but noted that if God Almighty advises President Koroma to lift him higher, so be it.

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The Vice-President climaxed the meeting by donating the sum of ten million Leones to traders for micro-credit and the same amount to constituency Chairmen for the same purpose.

He also donated two million Leones to APC veterans, two million Leones to staff of the party secretariat in Bo, two million Leones to the Youth League and two million Leones to the National Union of APC Students.