Following New Age’s 17th January publication headlined: “Only Two Qualified for APC Flagbearer,” older APC politicians have ticked Victor Bockarie Foh and Alimamy Pepito Koroma, but claimed the latter’s eligibility has a question mark.

Alimamy Koroma - Victor Foh

This has come in the wake of show-off carnivals by politicians traversing country’s length and breadth, luring the easy to fool electorates to support their bids for leadership/flagbearer in the APC come 2018.

An APC insider had said that the existing leadership tussle in the party (APC) will soon end, and that of the number of aspirants secretly or otherwise campaigning for leadership, only two meet the party’s set out threshold of 15 years and above.

His allusions are that only VP Victor Foh and Amb. Alimamy Koroma meet the set out standards.

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The standards, we are told, have been set aside by APC’s second highest body- the national advisory council (NAC)-, which among others state nonetheless that: “for one to qualify for leadership in the APC, he/she must have served the party for at least 15 consecutive years.”

That the likes of Joseph Kamara (current Attorney General and Minister Justice), John Bonor Sisay (Retired CEO Sierra Rutile), Kelfalah Marah (Bank Governor), others will in the soonest possible time sadly take the back seats as they inexcusably wait for their time and not ‘eat their cakes before lunch time.’

Joseph Kamara, John Sisay, Kelfalah Marah, others have been described by number of APC folks as ‘refugees’ unacquainted to the principles of their party.

“Victor Foh or Alimamy Pepito,” some party officials explain, “far more all right for leadership in the APC than outsiders parading as soon-to-be heirs of President Koroma.”

But others excitedly say that even Alimamy isn’t as qualified for leadership in the APC as Victor, who years countless, has faced undesirable and unfortunate mishaps vis-à-vis court charges (treasonable offences), imprisonments, other ills but stood his ground and was as constant as the northern star.

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Their references are that Alimamy has always been a political ‘crosstitute,’ who barely will pitch fence with a political party if it is on the winning side, or may have won and is in governance position.

They alleged nonetheless that in 1996, Alimamy was in the UNPP of late Dr. John Karefa Smart but in 2002 crossed over to the SLPP, afterward switched loyalty to the now ruling APC in the wake of the 2007 elections.

Politicians the likes of Joseph Kamara, Kelfallah Marah, John Sisay including Alimamy Koroma currently in combat battle for leadership of the APC were also described by some APC officials as “’Mad’ men obsessed with senseless ideas.”

And an enthusiast has said that: “the APC hasn’t the smallest of thoughts admitting immigrants as front runners in the contest for leadership when President Koroma shall have taken his exit.”

“Only a bad cause will ever be supported by bad means and bad men,” they said.

“We were seized by the demanding hands of individuals- the dark but unreasonable urge of drive by incompetent men wanting to lead our party (the APC) as Presidential candidates, who, no doubt, look like blind men boasting to clean a house in the middle of the night.”

“Unlike Joseph Kamara, John Sisay, Kelfallah Marah and of course Alimamy,” they underscored, “Victor Foh is a popular and consistent politician, ready and willing to be slaughtered for the sake of an idea (The APC ideology), be it a good one or a bad one.”

This, to the party’s older folks, is the more reason they have decided to throw their weights for him (Victor) and not for strangers/immigrants currently on show-off political carnivals, seeking for the flagbearer in the APC, even though uninformed to the party’s ideologies and principles.

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It is also revealed that there’s going to be serious explosion in the APC over who takes the party’s mantle of leadership in the months to come.

That determined APC officials, we are told, have resolved going into a fight with compatriot party officials if the right person isn’t given the opportunity to lead the party at polls in 2018.

Their avowals are that they will ‘fight-back’ if President Koroma, others attempt going by the theory of “selection” rather than “election” in the appointment of the party’s flagbearer.

But it is still not known whether the APC national delegates’ conference intends go by the July 1995 constitution which states among others that: “the national delegates’ conference shall be the supreme authority of the party.”

And in section 6.9.3 (ii) – Powers and Functions of the party- states: “the national delegates’ conference shall,

subject to the provisions of this constitution, have the power to:


(f) Elect the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE who shall be the party’s candidate at the NATIONAL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

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Or will go by the December 1995 constitution (a constitution believed to have been ‘doctored’) but which has stated in section 6.9.3 (III) (f) – powers and functions-: “elect/select the presidential candidate who shall be the party’s candidate at the national presidential election.”

This, no doubt, has seen superior APC officials on a standby to challenge any attempt by manipulators in the use of ‘selection’ as an alternative of ‘election’ for the appointment of the party’s Presidential candidate, using the December 1995 constitution, a constitution deemed as ‘doctored’ by fewer party officials years preceding the 2007 presidential elections.