The Global Times is now in possession of a leaked social media conversation between Sylvia Blyden and few of her Journalist friends. Most of the conversation is done in Krio.

Sylvia Blyden In Britain

Sylvia Blyden said that, since April 7, 2016 when she took up office as Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs to date (11th October, 2016) the Government of Sierra Leone “has not given my Ministry a single cent to operate programmes”. She continued, “Na God in blessings normor….And they want to speak on budget. Ha ha ha. But time go fit clock”

According to Sylvia Blyden, “I have spent over Le50m of my personal funds so that the Ministry go operate…Every day, new excuse from Accountant General’s Office…But time go fit clock”.

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She continued, “Stupid and selfish mammals are putting their insecurities above critical needs of social welfare, gender and children”. The Social Welfare Minister continued, “I hear one person at APC Headquarters actually said that den for slow me down make ar nor shine pass so…They are busy undermining and sabotaging my Ministry not to shine”.

Sylvia Blyden noted, “Government has money…They don’t want me to succeed…Sabotaging me from right inside APC…Den say make ar nor popular pass so…Stupid and selfish mammals”.

According to the Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs Minister, “To ensure my staff could make a decent representation at funeral of Bombali Ebola Survivors Chairman, I had to call from America to get my Personal Assistant to loan the Ministry Le2m… MSWGCA (Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs) is the ONLY MDA that has not been able to access a single penny of our 2016 funds”.

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Meanwhile, the Global Times has been reliably informed that, the Minister has deliberately refused to counter-sign Pet Forms presented to her by the Accountant in her Ministry even though the Permanent Secretary has already signed them.

“The only Pet Forms she hurriedly agreed to sign are the ones that have to do with her recent trips abroad”, a source at the Accountant General’s Office in Freetown confirmed last night. Investigations continue…