Sources say that ‘years of leadership tussle in the ruling APC will soon end,’ that of the number of intending aspirants in the coming contest only two meet the 15-years threshold.

Victor Foh APC

Selected Vice President Victor Foh and sacked Minister but now Ambassador to China Alimamy Pepito Koroma are persons ticked as ‘most qualified’ for leadership in the APC.

This, we are told, has come in the wake of criteria reportedly set aside by the APC’s highest body, which among others state that “for one to qualify for leadership in the APC, he/she must have served the party for at least 15 years.’

To this, no doubt, has seen the likes of Joseph Kamara (current Attorney General and Minister Justice), John Bonor Sisay (Retired CEO Sierra Rutile), Kelfalah Marah (Bank Governor), others mournfully but disappointedly take the back seats as they sadly wait for their time and not ‘eat their cake before lunch time.’

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Older APC folks, people say, have also called Joseph Kamara, John Sisay, Kelfalah Marah, others as ‘immigrants’ unaccustomed to their party’s principles.

“Victor Foh or Alimamy Pepito,” some party officials stress, “far more okay for leadership in the APC than strangers/immigrants parading as would-be heirs of President Koroma come 2018.”

An APC enthusiast who asked for his name not to be mentioned described persons combating themselves for leadership in the APC party as: “’Mad’ men obsessed with senseless ideas and nothing else.”

He warned: “the APC hasn’t the smallest of thoughts to admit strangers/immigrants as front runners in the contest for leadership just when President Koroma shall have graciously taken his exit at all.”

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Others say they were seized by the demanding hands of individuals- the dark but unreasonable urge of drive by unqualified men to lead their party (The APC) at polls and as Presidential candidate, which to them is like a blind man boasting to clean a house in the middle of the night.

Survey has shown that there’s looming explosion in the APC over leadership in the months to come, and may likely see folks engaged in belligerent worse than what’s now in the opposition Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP).

Findings are that some senior party officials have promised to ‘fight-back’ if President Koroma, few others attempt going by the usual false alarm concept of “selection” not “election” in the coming APC flagbearer contest.

In the 1995 APC constitution, it is made clear in section 6.9.1 (i) that “the national delegates’ conference shall be the supreme authority of the party.”

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And in section 6.9.3 (ii) – Powers and Functions of the party-, it is further stated that “the national delegates’ conference shall, subject to the provisions of this constitution, have the power to:


(f) Elect the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE who shall be the party’s candidate at the NATIONAL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Nowhere in the 1995 APC constitution has it mentioned that the party has had the legal option to either ‘elect’ or ‘select’ national officers, national committee and executive committee, national chairman/leader and national deputy chairman, presidential candidate, as on a daily basis talked about by some APC party officials.

It has reached desks of The New Age Newspaper that superior APC officials are on the standby to challenge any attempt by manipulators in the selection instead of election of especially the party’s Presidential candidate for the coming 2018 national elections.