The All Peoples Congress Party (APC) has in their “proposal” to the CRC endorsed a two term limit for the Presidency.


In their 10 point proposal, the APC proposed “that nobody shall be eligible to serve as President for more than two consecutive terms.”

However, the proposal continues that “such persons may be eligible to contest for Presidential elections after an intervening term.”
Accordingly it would appear on the face of it that the proposal speaks to a situation where a candidate like President Koroma would no longer be eligible to stand for the Presidency again, because he has already served two consecutive terms.

Further that if President Koroma had lost the 2012 elections, then he would have been eligible to stand in the 2017 elections.

However another interpretation could be that the Presidential candidate is barred from only two consecutive terms, but that he or she can come back and contest indefinitely after an intervening period.

A clear cut position as it may, has still not been supplied by the APC or President Koroma on the question of a two term limit.

In the second point, the APC has proposed that the President should pick his Vice President but most importantly, that the president should be able to “remove” his Vice President.

The third point calls for membership of a political party by the President and Vice President to be a “continuous requirement’

The fourth point calls for the requirement age to stand for the Presidency to remain at 40 years, while the fifth point is advocating for the election threshold to be reduced from 55% to 50+1% of votes cast in the first round for a Presidential candidate to win.

The sixth point also asks for a third of ministers to be chosen from among parliamentarians.

The seventh point proposes that the retirement age for Judges to be extended to 70 years and the eighth point asks for a gender quota in the appointment of ministers and deputy ministers of not below 30%.

The ninth point calls for the civil and public service to be reflective of the ethnic and regional diversity of the nation.

The tenth point calls for the President to continue to appoint the Chief Justice.