26th March 2017
His Excellency the President &
The National Chairman and Leader APC
Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma
President of the Republic of Sierra Leone

Your Excellency,
Thro: The NSG


At a meeting of the APC National Advisory Committee held at party headquarters on Tuesday 31st March 2017 and chaired by your esteemed self, you directed the immediate setting up of the APC Collation and Command Centre as was done in 2012 for the collation and analysis of registration figures for the NEC-2017 Biometric Voter Registration Exercise commencing on Monday 20th March, 2017 and ending on Sunday 16th April, 2017; the primary objective being to capture the registration figures and analyze the trends as against the 2012 figures throughout the 28 days period, and primarily ensure that our people in our strongholds of the North, Western Area and Kono, register in their numbers so as to be able to vote in 2018. We are also making arrangements, to register our party members in Guinea and Liberia.

The goal of the strategy is to register all eligible citizens in all districts between March 20 and April 16th 2017.

The strategy requires the total participation of all party stakeholders particularly MPs, District and Constituency Executives and Councilors and others.

To be successful, a proper structure should be set up at district Head Quarter level.
A collation centre headed by the District Coordinator with a Deputy and two tally officers (ICT Specialist) will be set up.

The MP will serve as constituency supervisor in liaison with the councilors who will monitor party agents at registration centers. Daily report of registration in each centre is transmitted by Mobile call or text to the district collation centre; this requires a spread sheet for each centre for recording purposes for onward transmission to the national command centre.

It is important to note that Ministers, Deputy Ministers, MPs, Councilors and other Local Government Officials, all party organs, NAC, Women, Youth, the Disabled, APC Diasporas etc must go to their localities and sensitize their people to register. We need the active participation of everyone in their bases/localities.

The above strategy requires a great deal of logistics to succeed. The challenges include long distances (for sparsely populated areas) to registration centers, limited mobile coverage, personnel to serve as party agents etc.

To surmount these challenges provision should be made for vehicles to transport people to distant registration centers, motor bikes for fast coordination, food for some centers, top up cards, basic allowances for personnel, fuel, computer and accessories, generators etc.

It is clear that the lessons learned from the 2012 experience and its usefulness of purpose informed this wise decision which is very much in place and will be beneficial to our party. The party’s robust registration contributed to our win in the 1st round in 2012.

It remains obvious that if you don’t register you cannot vote.

Your Excellency, on the recommendations of the newly mandated APC Elections Coordinator for the 2018 Elections, you further directed that in addition to collating and analyzing the 2017 Biometric registration figures, the APC 2017 Collation and Command Centre will also perform similar responsibilities and duties in relation to the 2018 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Elections in the same manner as was done in 2012 in collaboration with the office of the APC NSG.

It was agreed that all approved items procured for the 2017 Biometric Voter registration exercise will be also utilized for the following:

(d) The 2017 Biometric voter registration
(e) The Anticipated September 2017 Referendum
(f) The 2018 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Elections

A directive was also given for the immediate preparation and submission of estimates for rent of premises for a little over one year to house the collation centre, equipments, stationery and accessories and other items.

The requirements could be noted in the categories listed below;
• Equipments, accessories and Stationary
• Vehicles to be purchased
• Bikes to be purchased
• Bike rentals
• Vehicles to be rented
• Allowances and stipend
• Ration
• Publicity, Sensitization and Mobilization
• Contingencies/Miscellaneous

At the appropriate time, the 2018 Elections Coordinator will submit through the NSG estimates for the anticipated September 2018 referendum on the constitution and the 2018 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government elections budget.

Yours faithfully
Leonard Balogun Koroma
APC Elections Coordinator
2018 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Elections

NB: Please note that there are now One hundred and Thirty-Two (132) Constituencies and Four Hundred and twenty-Three (423) Wards Nationwide.