As the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) rejects Provisional Census Result and do not consider it as basis upon which the preparations of any pending public election can be undertaken by the National Electoral Commission, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary I of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Mr. Cornelius Deveaux has said “the APC is not worried if the SLPP boycotts the forthcoming presidential, parliamentary and local council elections.”

Koroma LAunches Census Results

“I will want to dismiss the position of SLPP as another of their political gimmicks which is aimed at painting a negative picture about anything good about Sierra Leone.”

He said the “international partners who do not only fund the exercise but provided technical expertise to ensure that the exercise become successful and are very independent in monitoring the process and had worked in very close collaboration with Statistics Sierra Leone and have described the entire process as credible.”

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Mr. Deveaux disclosed that “as a party, we are mindful of the fact that there are Institutions of state governance which do not need political manipulations or political interference,” stating one such institution is Statistics Sierra Leone.

The Deputy National Publicity Secretary said the issue SLPP is raising outside their Press Release is that “there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of people residing in the North,” disclosing that “since the country started conducting Census since 1901, the North has been the largest populated area and the SLPP should know that the large number of mining investment in the North may have contributed to the increase in population.”

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“If it was the International partners that have said the result is flawed, the party would have had reasons to question statistics,” but they have described the exercise as successful, stating that “as a party we will want to join the international community in giving the just concluded Sierra Leone 2015 Population and Housing Census result a clean bill of health.”

“The exercise is credible and the data is also credible not only to be used in the forthcoming elections, but to also help the government and it development partners in implementing projects that are aimed at enhancing the social delivery services.”

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Mr. Deveaux called on Sierra Leoneans to accept the result because it is not the APC that says the exercise is successful but the international partners, stating that “the opposition SLPP is in no position to discredit the exercise and if they do as they are doing now, it goes to show that it is part of their political gimmicks to paint a negative picture of anything good that the APC is doing for this country.”

“The international committee is the referee and if they have described the exercise as credible, the APC as a player like the SLPP and any other political party have no reason to cry foul.”