Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, John Bornoh Sisay, Kelfalah Marah, others are reportedly worried owing to talked about criteria for persons aspiring in the coming ruling All People Congress (APC) flagstaff contest.

John Sisay-Sierra Rutile

Leaks reaching desks of the New Age revealed how the APC national advisory council (NAC) has set out a criterion limiting persons intending to contest for leadership in the party, to have at least served no less than ‘fifteen years.’

“For one to qualify as aspirant in the coming APC presidential leadership race, he/she must have served ‘fifteen years’ in the party,” our findings state.

This, the New Age has learnt, was prompted by recent influx of perceived ‘newcomers’ wanting to contest for leadership in the soon to come flagbearer battle, nothing else.

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The APC being one of oldest political parties in Sierra Leone, people say, will by no means accommodate things uncalled for of the party’s indoctrination, rather will faithfully insist on promoting political adulthood in the party as always the case.

That baby politicians the likes of Joseph Kamara, John Sisay, Kelfalah Marah, others are no doubt political strangers and are of course unfamiliar to the ideologies and governance principles of the APC.

The APC Leadership battle, as of late observed, has been described by stalwarts as: “men preoccupied with meaningless dreams, nothing else.”

Findings are that some senior and popular party officials haven’t the jot of a thought that persons believed to be strangers/immigrants will be allowed to contest for leadership/flagbearer in the coming party election, presumably 2017.

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Also, an avid party bigwig who spoke to this press but on grounds of anonymity has said: “I have been seized by the demanding hands of individuals- the dark but unreasonable urge of drive by unqualified men- showing interest in the leadership of our party (The APC); of course, traveling country’s length and breadth, convincing party officials support their bid for leadership, which in my view ‘is like a blind man boasting to clean a house in the middle of the night.’”

Names popular in lips of majority APC members are selected Vice President Victor Foh and Ambassador Alimamy Pepito Koroma, persons they excitedly referred to as most suitable for leadership in the party.

“VP Victor Foh and Ambassador Alimamy Pepito Koroma,” they lay emphasis on, “are all right for leadership in the APC than strangers/immigrants in show-off carnivals acting as would-be heirs of President Koroma come 2018.”

It is also told that there’s pending explosion over prevailing leadership arrangements in the APC, which likely may see presumed party hailstones engaged in power struggle worse than what’s now in the opposition Sierra Leone People Party.

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They say there have been threats of a ‘fight-back’ should there be an attempt imposing the usual false alarm concept of “selection” instead of “election” in the appointment of an APC flagbearer as in the party’s 1995 constitution.

Section 6.9.1 (i) of the 1995 APC constitution states that: “the national delegates’ conference shall be the supreme authority of the party.”

And section 6.9.3 (ii) – Powers and Functions say: “the national delegates’ conference shall, subject to the provisions of this constitution, have the power to:


(f) Elect the PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE who shall be the party’s candidate at the NATIONAL PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Nowhere in the APC constitution has it mentioned that the party has the legal option to ‘elect’ or ‘select’ national officers, national committee and executive committee, national chairman/leader and national deputy chairman and presidential candidate as daily talked about by senior APC officials.