Sierra Leone Magistrate Court No 1, Siaka Steven Street in Freetown has thrown into jail a sitting Councilor of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) on allegations of killing 3 people in a Poro Bush in Waterloo.

Councilor Sonny Caulker, Headman-James Harding and Agibu Sawaneh, were dragged to court on 3 count charges of conspiring with other persons’ unknown to commit murder contrary to section 4 of the Offense against the Persons Act of 1861.

The state alleged that the three accused persons on 22nd April 2017 dragged and killed, Pa Sembu Koroma, Alie Conteh and FattaTuray in a Poro Bush at Matimbi Village, Waterloo.

While testifying in court as second witness, James Sesay, the only survivor among the four that were dragged to the bush narrated that they were at the resident of the second accused to release a little boy whom the accused wanted to initiate forcefully.

The survivor further added that the accused person left them at his resident with an excuse that he’s going to pick the boy, and that they were later attacked by a huge crowed after the exit of the second accused person.

He added that the second accused person was the person he colorfully remembered in the crowd that was carrying stones, sticks and cutlasses, and that they were beaten and butchered during the attack.

“They hacked us with their weapons until Pa Sembu and Alie were dead,” he maintained

He said when the accused persons noticed that two of them had died, they decided to take them into the bush with an intention of finishing them, adding that they met the 3rd accused (the Councilor) in the bush who ordered that they should kill them at night.

“The councilor asked that we say our last prayers for our children,” he explained.

While praying, he told the court that the accused persons ran away when they suspected some footsteps in the bush and that he used the opportunity to escape and hid at the back of a nearby tree.

He furthered that the accused persons later noticed his escape and immediately killed his friend (Fatta), and that he passed the night at his hiding place and returned home the following morning.

Earlier, Police prosecution has revealed in court that the accused persons in April took the deceased men for an initiation into the Poro Society, adding that a search was later carried out in the said Poro bush, were the bodies of the deceased were found.

The accused persons were represented by Lawyer S.M. Tarawally and Lawyer Berewa, the matter was prosecuted by State prosecutor O.V. Mason Jr and presided over by Magistrate Albert Moddy.