The All People’s Congress (APC) Party has instructed its lawyer, Berthan Macauley Esq. to file papers against the National Electoral Commission to postpone the elections.

The papers on behalf of APC were attempted to be filed earlier today but because of the absence of a certain court official (name withheld) the papers were not filed. The filing of the APC papers against the National Electoral Commission will now take place on Monday 25th September at the law court building.

Disgruntled sources among APC senior cadre who are against any postponement of the elections have revealed that the purpose of the papers to be filed by Berthan Macauley on Monday will be for the court to grant an injunction to stop the National Electoral Commission from taking any action in preparation for the 7th March 2018 elections until all the concerns raised by APC in the letter to the Chief Electoral Commissioner are addressed.

The papers by APC will also seek to ask the court to postpone the elections slated for 7th March 2018 as according to the papers sec 17 of the Public Elections Act 2012 has not been satisfied by NEC. However, the National Electoral Commission has stoutly insisted that the commission has breached no statutory provision.

In a recent national public opinion poll conducted by AYV TV on whether the elections should be postponed, almost 80% of the citizens voted against any postponement. Huge sections of the public have also openly stated that they will make the country ungovernable if APC attempts to postpone the elections as it is part of the more time agenda.