The All Peoples Congress (APC) candidate in the upcoming bye election in Port Loko Constiuency 050 Osman Karankay Conteh aka OKC has said in an interview with Awoko that winning the election is not his problem but that his challenge is how wide will be his winning margin.


During the telephone interview with OKC yesterday, he said he was grateful that he was awarded the symbol by the APC and he is very happy that the National Advisory Council (NAC), President Koroma and the District Executive settled for him to represent the party in next month’s election.

When asked if there is the threat of any violence in the constituency, the aspirant said that the process is going on peacefully and there is no problem. “Kamarainba is going around talking about me and making derogatory remarks about President Koroma that the people Lunsar are not happy about. He has been on different radio doing character assasination, but still the people know he is a non-starter. He thinks he will use the same tactics that gave him some reasonable votes in Bombali.”

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Mr Karankay Conteh said all what they are saying about him belonging to the SLPP is correct. He said before 1992 every Sierra Leonean belonged to the APC. In 1996, multiparty politics was restored and his mentor was Santigie Sesay who took him to the National Unity Party {NUP).

“Later on, we moved to the SLPP where I was the tormentor against the APC party. I was prevailed upon by Port Loko District APC Chairman Alhaji Buya Kamara, Alhaji Kemoh Sesay, Alieu Sesay and others to come to the APC as Port Loko is a stronghold of APC … I will always be able to make it to the top. I finally accepted and joined the APC in 2010.”

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He said that has nothing to do with his love now for APC and it is the right thing for him to do as he will win the election on July 9th for APC, but if he was contesting for SLPP in that region he will definitely lose out.

“I want to tell all of the contestants that we are brothers and there is life after the elections, I guess they all know that Lunsar is an APC stronghold and I am going to win. We must go through the election peacefully and respectfully. For Kamrainba to be moving around with OSD personnel cannot intimidate the voters or us. If he was a born of Lunsar, he would understand that we are peaceful and happy always.”

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Mr Karankay Conteh said he is a professional qualified Store Keeper with diploma and certificates in Stores Management. He said he is also a businessman and a farmer and he is well known in the community because of his philantropism and the will to help in the development of his community.

He called on all the people of Lunsar Constituency 050 to be law abiding and continue to be respectful and peaceful and asked them to show restraint even in the face of abuse and disrespect to President Koroma.
OKC said come July 9th the ballot box will speak and those who do not belong in their community will leave and find another area to pitch their political tent.