The most popular politician of kono district Alhaji chief Samuel Samsumana who was the 2018 presidential candidate for the coalition for change (C4C) party has today again show other political figures in Kono district that he is the most popular politician in the district and eastern region as a whole.

Alhaji chief Samuel Samsumana was received this afternoon by thousands of party supporters dressed in there party regalia at the Bumpeh junction some miles away from koidu city in a heavy convoy ahead of the party one year anniversary which is slated for thursday 20th December 2018.

Many of the C4C party supporters that i spoke to told me that Samsumana is the true son of the soil and that is the reasons why he has so much loved for his people more than any other politician in the district.

“We have abandoned our works just to welcome our son, our brother, friend and a political saviour back home,we the kono people loved Samsumana so much,and that is why whatever direction he takes politically or otherwise we will follow him to the end.

“Samsumana is the next President of Sierra Leone in the 2023 election”, says PA.Tamba a 76yrs old man.