Based on a series of reports coming reliable sources within the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) rank and file, it is alleged that rampant and unbridled corruption rocks the party’s finances.

This state of affairs according to political pundits could upset the SLPP’s chances at the 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Political pundits are of the view that until and unless the SLPP is able to produce and present authentic audited reports on how it accrues and expends money for its own membership to believe; then the SLPP has no business to run a country. Quite recently, there was quite a hullabaloo about money allegedly gone missing in their coffers and the current SLPP executive was accusing the out gone executive of John Benjamin as not handing over his financial report and other important reports to his successor.

This scenario widened and spread to the extent that it attracted several personalities within the SLPP including Dr, Kadi Sesay (former running mate to Julius Maada Bio) who was Financial Secretary during the JOB era.

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One thing led to another and there was a war of words between JOB and the some current SLPP members, an issue which naturally divided the SLPP further.

Against this background however, the SLPP has still not settled this issue; the reason why many people within and outside the party are saying that as long as the SLPP cannot adequately clear the air on this smelly money issue, then it cannot be denied that corruption stinks in the SLPP. And if it this allegation is not quickly dispelled, the belief that the SLPP cannot account to itself, let alone account to the people of this country would remain high and dry.

As all of this is going on, APC supporters are of the view that even the way and manner SLPP officials are using unorthodox methods to floor each other politically smacks of corruption.4

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Another school of thought has it that unless SLPP aspirants conduct themselves in a transparent and corrupt-free manner, then the future of the SLPP could hang on a very thin thread.

Another malignant issue tantamount to corruption is the attitude and conduct of SLPP officials and candidates at their own zonal and regional elections which are mostly marred by alleged election malpractices, vote rigging and the like.

However, with the outcome of some of the recent zonal and regional SLPP internal elections, it is hoped that the SLPP executive and members would have learnt a lesson or two from their mistakes and would do all in their power to correct them before the thin the party is barely clinging on breaks and the SLPP falls to into the eternal political abyss.