Following a widely circulated rumor making the round about intimidation and undue vindictiveness by the Chiefdom speaker and elder brother of Resident Minister North, Pa. Abdulai Kamara towards ADP voters in Konta village comprising bitter complaints made by Konta indigens with regards the just concluded Parliamentary bye-election. The Chairman and Leader of ADP, Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray has ordered the acting AIG of the northern region, Amos Kargbo to investigate a case of an alleged malicious damage and threatened remarks made by the Pa Abdulia Kamara and family members of the Resident Minister North.

Konta Village-In-Bombali

AIG Amos Kargbo has ordered a team of police officers led by the head of regional operation officer in charge of crime, Superintendent of Police Bockarie Sandi. The Sierra Leone Police Northern Region Crime team visited the scene of the crime and took photos of the demolished hut owned by a blacksmith and took along one victim to the CID headquarters in Makeni.

The Chiefdom speaker (suspect) of the Bombali Shebora Chiefdom, Pa Alhaji Abdulai Kamara elder brother to the Resident minister has on Sunday 13th December 2015 wrongfully attacked a total of 40 people at Konta village in the home town of the APC Resident minister (Alie B. Kamara).

It is also alleged that one disabled Abu Conteh confirmed to be a blacksmith had already been bannished from Konta village and have his hut (shop) vandalized for voting for ADP.

Another disabled Mohamed Kamara, explained that he saw the Chiefdom speaker with irate APC youths who were attacking and vandalizing peoples properties including the hut of the bannished disabled Abu Conteh.

A sand contractor Abdul Sesay said he had been doing sand mining in Konta for over nine (9) years now but following the ADP victory over the ruling APC in Konta Village, he has been banned from entering the village by the Chiefdom speaker.

He alleged that he has a huge trip of sand in the village but the APC had instituted a Poro society around the area which had prevented him from taken his sands. He claimed that he has also been threatened by the Chief to kill him if he continue to go to the said village.

According to one Foday Tholley he was the elected Headman of Konta Village but following the outcome of the December 12th bye-election he had been replaced overnight by someone appointed by the Chiefdom Speaker.

“I wonder why all these evils are happening despite the fact that their party won the election” he said.

A motor bike rider Bai Conteh aslo alleged that he has been threatened with eviction, adding that the chief had ordered some unknown police officers to arrest him for using his okada during the ADP rally.

Several depressed complainants made similar complaint against the Chiefdom speaker and the APC Resident minister.