Police & mortuary sources in the ‪Freetown have confirmed the suspected gang-rape & brutal murder of a young woman, Isha Kamara whose semi-naked body was discovered on the Lumley beach last night.


It comes less than a year since a similar incident involving teenager Hannah Bockarie.

According to received reports, in the early hours of this morning a lady of age approximately twenty years called Isha said to be staying at the back of Paddy’s, Aberdeen, an alleged prostitute identified by a colleague in the same enterprise; Olivia, who said she came to know her about a week ago.

According to the Information Officer of Aberdeen Division, Inspector. Bah,  the matter is receiving police attention. Meanwhile, the LUC Aiah Samadia and the Regional Commander Freetown West Mr Augustine Kailie are planning to initiate a new strategy as to how to curb or put a final stop to this unholy, barbaric diabolical and disheartening activities at the Aberdeen beach and it’s environ.

Meanwhile, Read what Tamba Gborie has to say about the Ugly incident Below:

“Last year 2015 a good number of women were raped and killed in different locations around the country. Last night May 10, 2016, another woman was raped and killed; RIP.

In my last editorial I cried down president Koroma for his over exuberance political antics to keep himself in power at the detriment of the nation.

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He was then and he is still focus on taking the centre stage for every jubilant applaud for the cosmetic roads and the fake launching of projects to divert public attention from his failed leadership.

When these women were killed by an unknown serial killer the public expectations were for the president to make it a priority to pursue, investigate and apprehend the murderer and face justice. But what did our president do; he turned a blind eye to the killings and engaged himself with corrupt cosmetic road development to secure kickbacks while important matters are shoved under the carpet.

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A serious minded patriotic leader will have his job well cut out, designed and determine to deliver particularly were lives have been lost.

Here is a leader we trust and respect to protect the people mainly the women, children and the vulnerable, ensure law and order where citizens can feel safe in any part of the country. What we are seeing today is a Sierra Leone where the president ignores the plight of the people especially the women who are killed in large numbers and no investigations carried out to assure the nation of their security.

We are living under a president who is a good businessman making double profit through corruption and siphoning the nation’s economy into his private accounts while the nation is awash with crime, poverty, destitution and unending suffering and assault on our people.

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A doggy businessman is no less a person than a doggy and miscalculated politician whose only concern is his family members, tribesmen and old school buddies. While the nation is been taken over by poverty, water crisis, corruption and lawlessness president Koroma does nothing to minimise the struggle the nation is going through.

The longer president Koroma stays in State House the more the plight of the nation will multiply. And the more the serial killer will continue to kill our young women.

On this sad day as the death toll of our women folk continue to rise; on behalf of all Sierra Leonean activists I pray that the soul of the dead women rest in perfect peace.”