If the National Electoral Commission (NEC) fails to announce the dates for the national election by the 23rd of February, the Alliance Democratic Party will stage a peaceful protest, said the ADP Chairman and Leader, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray.


During his weekly press conference, Kamarainba stated that the President took up office on the 23rd November 2012, which makes 23 February 2018, the last possible date for the next election.

According to the Act No.6 of 1991 Constitution, NEC should declare the Presidential election date, after consultation with the President, and it should be a maximum 90 days from the end of the President’s term 23rd November 2017.

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Civil society organisations have been calling on NEC to announce a date. For those who hold public offices and wish to aspire for positions, they should have resigned from their jobs one year prior to elections.

During the presentation of the Constitutional Review Report, the President announced that the election date will be pursuant to the 1991 Constitution.