The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Sierra Leone Police has since kept a Trinidad and Tobago national in cell for eight months now.

Derick Glasgow was arrested with a Sierra Leonean Passport on 13th March this year, and has since been behind bars far beyond the stipulated time as dictated by the constitution of Sierra Leone.

The New Age has facts that Glasgow was initially arrested at the Lungi International Airport for possession of a Sierra Leone Passport bearing the name David Anthony.

It was further alleged that Glasgow was formerly arrested in Syria on the suspicion that he was a spy of ISIS and was on one occasion detained at a place called Raqqa.

They say that he has had connection with terrorists and has been on FBI’s list of suspected persons.

But facts are that the FBI has told the police in Sierra Leone that Glosgow isn’t in FBI’s list of Sierra Leoneans believed to have engaged in money laundering or terrorism at all.

Meanwhile, human rights activists have called on the police to release Glasgow or charge him to court.

They have also called on the Legal Aid Board of Sierra Leone to look into his case, as according to them, Glasgow’s human right has been violated by the Police, that such isn’t good for the country’s human rights record.