The 2012 Presidential aspirant of the Sierra People’s Party (SLPP) Rt. Brig. Julius Maada Bio on Friday confidently told Awoko that he is “going to win the (next SLPP flag bearer) election with a big margin this time.”

Julius Maada Bio

Speaking at his residence in his usually calm and confident mood, Bio said, although campaigning for the race has not started, because it is the National Executive Council (NEC) that is mandated to declare the start of campaigning, but “we all know that it is not going to be too long for that to be scheduled.”

He went on “so most of what I am doing at the moment is preparatory work towards … but now there are no delegates therefore you don’t have a target audience to campaign to.”

Asked how well his ‘preparatory work’ is going, Bio said “it is going on very well taking into account that this is not my first time. I have been in the flag bearer race for the past ten years. I have contested twice I lost the very first time, and won the second time. I am sure of winning the next election, I know the main players, and I know how to play the game and I am fervently working towards getting a bigger margin this time around.”

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Questioned who he thinks is his strongest contender the Former Military Head of State said “it is difficult to determine because as part of military tactics, you don’t underrate any contender, all of us are vying for the same position. They are going to be deemed qualified by the Party Executive and until the votes are cast, we can only express our opinion.”

Bio went on “all of them have a right to contest, all of them are campaigning fervently, most times I am their target because they see me as the front runner, as the most recent presidential nominee of the party. I think it will be premature of me to say at this point in time that this person or that person is the strongest. I consider all of them as equal contenders.”