The growing rate of scandal and controversies involving men of God raises concern on the need to checkmate their activities. Clerics are supposed to be the conscience of society. They ought to live by example, Arthur Ben Tucker writes.

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As God’s representatives on Earth, their responsibility is to ensure that healthy moral standards prevail in the society. They are also expected to warn the people on the dangers of disobedience to the word of God and guide them to the path of righteousness.

But, today, the opposite seems to be the story. Severe men of God have become a problem to the society.

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Browse through the pages of newspapers, the odd character shown by many so-called men of God has put a big question mark to the principles and doctrines of the faith they profess.

Some of them turn the Bible upside down and wreak havoc in the name of God. They distroy relationships, friendships, marriages, businesses, families and more.

The Church has become a house of scandals and controversies.

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These ills have become firmly entrenched, like an incurable cancer feasting on afflicted body. Despite the number of Churches springing up in all nooks and crannies of the city, a wave of iniquities is sweeping across the land.

Some of them are fathers/pastors/Reverend of lies and mothers of hypocrisy. Indeed, on daily basis, dupes, false prophets, rapists thieves and sundry criminals, desecrate the pulpit and drag the name of God in the mud. Their stories of scandals and atrocities are alarming.

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Cuurrently, two pastors are in the news for wrong reason. One from Redumption ministry at Goderich Village and one from Dworzack farm are answering to offenses of sexual penetration and rape before magistrate Albert Moody.

Both men of God are accused of forcefully and allegedly penetrating an under age girls. Their matters are waiting to be committed to the High Court for proper trial.