One of the members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) flagbearer aspirants’ alliance, Alpha Osman Timbo has ridiculed Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella about a fake claim of 59% victory in the party’s lower level elections.

Alpha Osman Timbo

Timbo was taking questions this past weekend from SLPP members on a popular SLPP Whatsapp group called “Debate Now” when he was asked about a newspaper article claiming Dr. Yumkella won 59% of the lower level elections and how the 59% worked out among the 13 flagbearer aspirants in the Alliance.

Timbo sarcastically responded that they should ask the newspaper where it got the percentage from. He ridiculed Dr. Yumkella’s 59% by explaining the entire process involved in the lower level elections. Timbo joked: “Any statistics or information that is passed, given a situation as if people know in finality what is going to happen then maybe that person knows where his statistics or mathematics is going to take him.”

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Mr Timbo also disassociated himself and the Alliance from the fake 59% claim by Dr. Yumkella which he said the SLPP members should ask the author of the article where he manufactured the statistics from.

This interview by Alpha Timbo to expose the fake 59% by Dr. Yumkella will raise eyebrows among supporters of Dr. Yumkella who have been feeding on the allegations since last week. Supporters of Dr. Yumkella also gave Timbo certain percentage from the lower level elections all of which Timbo denied in his responds.

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One political analyst reacted to the Timbo interview last night of Monday 27th June 2016 that: “The comment by Timbo on the 59% was significant as a member of the Alliance. Voters do not appreciate politician who is known for telling lies every time.”

Mabinty Koroma, a female supporter of the SLPP in Bombali said: “It is nice that Dr. Yumkella and his supporters have been enlightened by Alpha Timbo who is a member of the same Alliance.”