“He looks up at the sky, raises his empty hands up high; and his lips move muttering a silent prayer, then he goes into action.” This is how 46-year-old Alpha Koroma performs his healing out in the open, in front of hundreds of people with his bare hands.

Alpha Koroma Healer

Alpha Koroma is a traditional healer with unbelievable powers. All round Kailahun the buzz word was heard about this young man performing miracles. People said he was making the blind to see and the lame to walk and also dealing with ulcers, sickle cell anaemia and other ailments not commonly cured by conventional medicine.

Given that it was Easter time, the picture painted was of present day Jesus Christ healing people with his bare hands.

But who was the mystery man? Alpha Koroma told us he was born in the Doujou, Small Gbo Chiefdom in the Kenema district. He told us he started life as a traditional dancer in 1989 and for 19 years he travelled to different countries. He admitted he was a troublesome young man and refused to pay attention to his koranic teachings until his koranic teacher held his head and prayed for him.

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This apparently was a life-changing situation as Alpha started having strange dreams at night. In the succeeding nine months he now concentrated and learnt the Koran from start to finish. It was then that “they” told him to stop dancing and that they would give him powers to heal. Alpha said he used leaves to heal people but he soon became tired and “they” again promised they would change the system.

After “they” gave him the first power “they said they will go for four years to pray and after that they will come back” and give him additional powers, Alpha told reporters.

On the 1st January 2016, Alpha said “they” gave him the additional powers, but told him he should not use them in Kenema. Alpha said he asked why but he was told that prophets should not use their powers in their homes.

Alpha explained that even he did not know where “they” wanted him to use the additional powers, but as God would have it, his elder brother was getting married to a woman in Bomaru, Kailahun District and he had to accompany him. Alpha said he had provided vehicles, and when the wedding party entered Bomaru, Alpha said “they” told him that he should abandon his old powers and Bomaru was the village where “they” will give him the new powers; if he believed in God then he will touch people and they will be healed.

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“The Genies I work with are five and if you are sick or have fallen into a coma, I will call in the name of God and you will be healed” Alpha said. “There is enough evidence, the people I have healed are 2,111, the ones who are healed immediately, I do not even know them, they are about 978. God has given me power to solve any problem. I treated about three different illness this past Wednesday – no doctor will do it, not in this world. Sickle cell, I can touch the bones and it will be straight; diabetes, because the body is not getting the nutrients it wants it will kill you. The action makes a man.”

Alpha went on to make an old school teacher who was blind see and a lame man to walk without aid of a cane.

But the government is jittery about the work of Alpha Koroma. Assistant Inspector General of Police Karrow-kamara went to Bomaru where he delivered the message that Alpha Koroma must stop healing people. He justified it saying that Ebola came into the country when a woman traditional healer touched a sick ebola patient. Karrow said this must not be allowed to happen again, and therefore Alpha must stop work.

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Alpha publicly agreed that even though his power came from God, yet he will abide by the laws of government. He called on the District Medical Officer and the Ebola team to come and support him so that they can work out a suitable way in which he can practice safely. His cry was to build a traditional healer’s hospital.

Alpha Koroma wants to meet with President Koroma because he says he wants the government’s support to set up his hospital. He says he loves his country very much and that is when even though he is wanted in Liberia he loves Sierra Leone and Kailahun.