Members of the National Reformation Movement (NRM) an outfit of the APC party called on Dr. Alpha Khan to lead the NRM if Ernest Bai Koroma and his APC executives refuses to step down.

All is not well in the APC; three weeks ago, Dr. Jengo Stevens a member of the APC NAC the custodian of the party call on Mr. Koroma leader and Chairman of the party for life to resign his position and make way for new executives. Dr. Stevens cited a number of reasons why Mr. Koroma must resign; lying and deception are two of the reasons he gave.

Following his call on the former president to resign Mr. Victor Foh echo the same call to Mr. Koroma asking him to resign and allow the new government of president Dr. Bio to rule the country devoid of Mr. Koroma’s interference. Mr. Foh the former vice President appointed by Mr. Koroma said; the former president is responsible for the members of APC to refuse to appear before the commission of inquiry (COI); at the same time encouraging APC members to demonstrate against the COI.

Meanwhile Dr. Alpha Khan is the latest member of the APC NAC to call on the former president to resign as the Chairman and Leader of the APC party.

The NRM whose members are mostly young people in the APC have join the call of the three NAC members; Dr. Stevens, Mr. Foh and Dr. Khan to ask Mr. Koroma and his entire APC executive to resign and make way for new executives.

It is expected that more NAC members and APC members will join the call for the former president to resign.

Dr. Alpha Khan is yet to confirm to the nation and the NRM members whether he will take up the offer or not.