The outgoing Minister of Information and Communications who will now serve as the Special Adviser to the President, Hon. Alpha Khanu has on Thursday 17th March, 2016 at the weekly government press briefing in the Ministry of Information and Communications, Youyi Building in Freetown gave farewell statement to news men.


Alpha Khanu thanked news men for their support throughout his service as Minister of Information and Communications. He said he was wearing three hats in the Ministry; “I was the Minister of Information and Communications, the National Publicity Secretary of the All Peoples Congress and the Government Spokesman. I have carried these entire loads over the years and I have been very effective in all”. “Just like a lizard that jumps from a tree and shakes it head, so I am also shaking my head for a job well done” he maintained.

The outgoing minister further noted; “I come to face you (the press) today and to answer all your questions, as I come in this ministry with clean hands so I am going again with clean hands”.

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Mr. Khanu said that he always compared President Koroma to a football team manager. He said, sometimes, Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger depending on who win the English Premier League at that time, but interestingly, President Koroma always win. He said President Koroma won the 2007 general elections, general elections 2012 elections, the Ebola fight etc. “As I always like to use football analysis in President Koroma’s cabinet, this current changes is like an African Champions League.

My first year was the group stage and I qualified the team. Second year we progress to the second leg and my third year we progress to the semi final too. In his wisdom just like any good coach, President Koroma has to rest some of his best players and bring in fresh legs. This is why President Koroma as a good manager has rested me to prepare for the finals come 2018″, He ended.

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“I am going to serve in another important position in President Koroma’s office as his Special Adviser, not only an Adviser but a Special Adviser” Alpha Khan stated. “The three positions I was running are now going to be run by three other gallant players, Abdulai Bayraytay as Presidential Spokesman, Adjibu Tejan Jalloh as the Outreach Coordinator and Mohamed Bangura as the Minister of Information and Communications. Bayraytay will be playing from the left flank, Adjibu on the right and Mohamed Bangura as the defence midfielder” he said.

Hon. Alpha Khan also assured news men that, as he is going to State House, the Office of the President will be holding a monthly press briefing so that he can meet again with the press as friends and then interact.