Newly-appointed Adviser to President Ernest Bai Koroma at State House and erstwhile Minister of Information and Communication faced embarrassment on Tuesday 12th April 2016 when he was asked to vacate the seat of one absent MP at the back row of the ruling side seats.

Alpha Kanu

The former minister who arrived very late at the Well of Parliament to grace the occasion of the approval of a third set of Presidential nominees had nowhere to sit and helped himself by sitting on the vacant seat of Hon. Sandy Fredrick Sourie, Constituency 023 Kono district who was conspicuously absent.

However, attempts to unseat the non-elected (but former) MP Alpha Kanu almost bore no fruit when he tried to put up resistance and recalcitrance to vacate the seat at the Well even when one of the clerks Mr. King kindly cornered him to vacate.

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Alpha Kanu put up resistance and reluctance almost to the point that the Clerk almost asked him to leave the seat which he eventually did but at his own time.

Apparently, some observers say they will not blame the former Parliamentarian and avid politician but rather castigated Parliament for inviting or accommodating guests that they know they cannot adequately cater for in terms of seating accommodation.

In fact, Hon. SBB Dumbuya at one point in the sitting had to make citation that he is happy that one of his classmate in the person of Nemata Majeks –Walker of the 50/50 Group had been provided with a seat, which came almost an hour after a number of them stood over the heads of MPs right inside the Well of Parliament.

However, having tried to manage the damaging implication of his ouster from the seat of MPs, Alpha Kanu refused to be comforted when he declined to occupy a seat that was brought in for him by police personnel which was placed at the right point where guests sit, just in front of the Speaker.

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On the other hand, Alpha Kanu was also blamed for behaving like someone who does not know the rules of Parliament by acting in a way one pundit put it ‘contemptuously’ before Parliament.

However, a senior Parliamentary staff opined that it could be a trivial issue for the fact that the former Minister had once subscribed to the oath of office as a MP but noting that had it not been done in consent or under the discretion of the Speaker it is tantamount to contempt because no one is above the law.