Sierra Leone is becoming a hub of political clowns. A critical case is that of the declaration of the Special Presidential Adviser and Ambassador at Large, Alpha Kanu; dubbing himself an “Apprentice” to the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

We know that there is nothing in the English dictionaries like “Flagbearer” but connotatively, it has been accepted as a political term in the game of politics.

Evidently, he is interested in succeeding his Boss, President Koroma.

Alhaji Alpha Bakarr Sidique Khanu has been described as ‘putting up a comic show, returning to his vomit even as he backtracked from his previous statement of becoming Sierra Leone’s next President.’

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Following Khanu’s unfortunate reverse, he was one of two to have made a statement announcing his intention to succeed President Koroma.

Khanu, two weeks ago, boisterously told Sierra Leoneans that he is the fittest to take over from President Koroma, but surprisingly has changed his tongue just like that.

Alpha Kanu-Sierraloaded

“It was divine inspiration. When I was given the podium to speak to government officials in Port Loko, it came to me like a ‘vision’ to making the pronouncement that I want to succeed the President,” Khanu said.

Khanu even indicated that President Koroma does not want to leave office by his repeated use of words as saying: “if there is vacancy,” as if President Koroma wants to succeed himself in 2018 after his two constitutional terms may have ended.

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He further said that he has no thought making such pronouncement minutes to his declaration and therefore need not confer with anyone or his Port Loko brothers.

Khanu’s declaration shocked Sierra Leoneans for the reason that he is having political oddities or cobwebs in his storeroom.

Even his brother Kemoh Sesay, who is current Minister of Works and hailstone of Port Loko District, has condemned Khanu on grounds that the timing was wrong and that the APC has no such vacancy for now.

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Reflections state anyhow that when Khanu was Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, he was the one who signed the most horrible mining agreements with African Minerals Limited and London Mining companies, which have seen Sierra Leone, benefitted little or nothing at all.

And as one of current Special Advisers to the President, displeasures are but rife in minds of number of Sierra Leoneans, who had accused Khanu when he was Minister of Information and Communication of “conflict of interest”- using his own airlines for travelling thus fleecing the country of billions.