Prominent Us-Based Sierra Leonean Lawyer, Alieu Iscandria has reacted to the recent clash between the The Minister of Social Welfare and Children’s Affairs, Moijueh Kaikai and his Deputy, Mustapha Bai Attila.

Alieu Iscandria

Describing the situation as a disgrace to the government and entire nation, Iscandria said this is “a typical example of how not to lead a country.”

He further blamed President Koroma solely for the much predictable event saying that. “What would you expect when a former mail delivery person is appointed a government  minister. Did this president expect a HIGH caliber employee.?”.

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Lawyer Alieu further reminded how most of the cabinet appointees of the President Koroma’s government has been involved in one controversy or the other.

“Seemingly most of his appointments seem to follow the same trend. A former minister of Transport and Aviation under whose watch a plane loaded with COCAINE landed in Sierra Leone, is now PRESIDENTIAL ADVISER.

“His replacement was a former airport limousine bus driver, who allegedly imported 100 busses into the country under some serious cloud of suspicion of corruption. No arrests no prosecutions. In fact there were so many cases of corruption in the second term of this president, that his excellency in his supreme wisdom and utilizing his SUPREME EXECUTIVE POWER decided to promote the overwhelmed ACC commissioner to attorney general.

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Since that promotion took place the president has been and is now the defector commissioner of the ACC. Until such time as a new commissioner is selected. The requirements for the next commissioner are that they must be from the North, non creole, preferably Temne, and must be ready to play ball. Which means that they should be ready to turn a blind eye to corruption  and let the SACRED COWS LIVE and continue to GRAZE on our nations assets.”

Alieu said He was made to understand by  a global Times report that a female police officer made a report to State House Freetown, that she was the victim of an attempted rape by minister kaikai.

“If this is true, then it is an indictment of this administration like no other. If it is true it means that this president by his failure to have the state prosecutors office prosecute the case against one of his blue eyed ministers, has himself failed to uphold the oath he too when he took office.

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So I ask is the global Times story true? If it is then this minister must resign and submit to prosecution and parliament must immediately move a motion in parliament to bring a vote of no confidence against the president and the executive. I’m talking IMPEACHMENT here folks. This is serious. He swore to up hold the law without fear or favor. If he has a complaint against this minister and he has not acted on it then he needs to be impeached.”

According to the Legal scholar, “I shed a tear for my homeland and have concluded that we will never be able to raise the sierra Leone standard up if we continue to appoint the type of imbeciles that were depicted in that audio.”