SLPP Presidential hopeful, Alie Kabba who was earlier arrested today will be spending at least 5 nights, including Christmas in Jail, Sierraloaded can authoritatively report.

Alie Kabba - Diana Konmanyi 2

Alie was arrested by the criminal investigations department of the Police Force after a failed attempt to escape prosecution and justice for Bigamy Charges alleged against him by his Ex-Wife, Diana Konmanyi.

While many social media reactions said that the Sierra Leonean immigrant activist was only invited for questioning, Sierraloaded has officially gathered that Alie Kabba is under arrest.

According to Mohamed Kamara, the Chief Superintendent of the criminal investigations department, Alie was arrested on bigamy allegations is now officially under arrest and won’t be granted bail until he is brought before a magistrate.

Painfully, the court is now on break and would not resume until after the Christmas festivals and holidays next week.

This indicates that former Executive Director of United African Organization will spend several nights in jail unless an urgent court sitting is summoned.