The one year anniversary of the Alie Kabba’s campaign team turned sour as two senior executives of his campaign team has shockingly resigned.

Alie Kabba

According to Sierraloaded sources in London, This bombshell came about on Saturday December 5, 2015 during a highly-charged Skype meeting of executive members of the Friends of Alie Kabba UK/Ireland in London.

Messrs Steven Gbekie, Chairman of the Friends of Alie Kabba and the Media Coordinator of the Alie Kabba campaign team Abu Shaw, tendered their resignations orally to the bewilderment of the other executive members.

Addressing the emergency meeting, the indefatigable Steven Gbekie after thanking everyone member for their voluntary devotion to promoting the Alie Kabba campaign over the past 12 months, dropped the bombshell news. “I am at this moment resigning from my UK/I Chairmanship position for irreconcilable differences on policy matters between me and our leader Alie Kabba.”

The outgoing Mr. Gbekie, who has been the pillar of the UK/I campaign team told his colleagues that his well thought decision to quit was due to recent negative attitude exhibited by Alie Kabba.

“I do not want to breed a dictator. Alie Kabba has gradually turned in to a dictator. He does not consult. He imposes things on the membership, contrary to his democratic utterances,” Steven Gbekie summarised his quit case.

His shocked colleagues immediately started to reverse his decision.

The UK/I Operations Coordinator Mr. Ansu Sillah opined that Steven Gbekie’s resignation has come from the blue but quickly noted that Mr. Gbekie’s resignation does not mean the UK/I executive will accept it. Other executive members also endorsed Ansu Sillah’s appeal. But the no nonsense Steven Gbekie reiterated that nobody will talk him out of his quit decision.

Few minutes after Mr. Gbekie?s resignation, the UK/I Media Coordinator Abu Shaw dropped his own bombshell by announcing his resignation citing similar reasons outlined by Mr. Gbekie. Mr. Shaw added that Alie Kabba has become a dictator, power hungry – a far cry from his humble demeanour that inspired many supporters to join his SLPP campaign train.

These resignations have turned the Alie Kabba campaign team upside down and many other rational executive members in UK and Continental Europe are taking stock of their association with the Alie Kabba’s vision for Sierra Leone