In the on-going Preliminary Investigations (PI) of Bigamy, Hindolo M Gevao, as one of the defense counsel for Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) intending aspirant, Alie Kabba yesterday 13th January 2016 withdrew from the court proceeding, stating that “the proceedings are unfair and unjust and I’m withdrawing because of the position of the Magistrate on the matter”.

Alie Kabba - Diana Konmanyi 2

He made this statement in reaction to the refusal of Magistrate Mohamed Seray Wurie to adhere to objections made by his Co-Defense Counsel, Francis Ben Kaifala with regards to marriage certificate and relating documents tendered in court as Magistrate Wurie vehemently overruled all objections made by the defense counsel.

F.B. Kaifala argued his objection based on the fact that before any document is tendered in court the defense counsel must scrutinize the documents to ascertain their validity to the proceedings.

These documents which included the civil marriage application form 2013, affidavit sworn to by Alie Kabba, dated 12th August 2013, special license between Alie Kabba and Finda Diana Konomanyi dated 12 August 2013, an Address from the Registrar General, a civil marriage certificate dated 13th August 2013, receipt payment in the name of Alie Kabba dated 12th August 2013, were produced in court by prosecution witness (PW6) Ekundayo Pratt, a civil servant at the office of Administrator and Registrar General.

The defense counsel objected to the marriage application form, noting that the document has alteration on it because it has no official stamp on it and argued that two different pens with black and blue ink were used on the documents therefore it was not valid to be tendered in court.

He also objected to the NRA receipt that it can only be produced and tendered in court by an official of NRA and not the office of the Registrar.

However, Magistrate Wurie overruled all objections made by the defense counsel, stating that it’s a waste of time so the prosecution should move with their case.

The on-going Bigamy matter is between the State and and SLPP Alie Kabba on allegation that the latter was still legally married when he got married in 2013 to Minister of Local Government Diana Konomanyi.

The matter was prosecuted by ASP Samuel Kamara flanked by nine lawyers as associate prosecutors and also with the aid of the Registrar Madam Seray Kallay whom the defense Counsel Kaifala complained of assisting prosecution during the proceeding while she was a witness to the case. The matter continues on the 15th January 2016.