Magistrate Mohamed Salieu Seray-Wurie at the Siaka Steven street Court #6, in Freetown has committed the Bigamy and Perjury case involving opposition SLPP flagbearer aspirant Alie Kabba to the High Court for proper trial and further granted him bail in the sum of 100 million Leones with two sureties in like sum.

Alie Kabba In Dock

Magistrate Wurie added that sureties for the accused must be senior and responsible Sierra Leoneans citizens residents in the Western Area Freetown, stressing that sureties must tendered their title deeds to the master and registrar of the judiciary.

He said the accused and sureties must show evidence of identity in any two of the following: national ID, drivers license and national passport which must be deposited in the case file.

Reading his ruling, Magistrate Seray-Wurie said “The accused Alie Kabba is charged with two counts; Bigamy and Perjury”.

He stated that Alie Kabba on Tuesday 13th August 2013 at the office of the administrator and registrar general Wallpoll street in Freetown married Finda Diana Konomanyi during the life time of his marriage to Edith Cline Kabba as alleged by the prosecution.

He further stated that the prosecution alleged that Alie Kabba on Monday 12th August 2013 at the same venue willfully made false statement under oath that he was a divorcecy knowing fully well that he was not.

He reminded the court that Lawyer Francis Ben Keifala Esq. during a no-case submission directed the court to Archibald Criminal Pleading Evidence and Practice 36th edition stating what the prosecution ought to have done including the authority of Woolmington and DPP.

“The prosecution has adduced sufficient evidence, and this been a preliminary investigation and without much, I am satisfied that the prosecution has produce enough evidence connecting the accused to both counts” he ruled.

Magistrate Seray-Wurie asked Alie Kabba whether he has anything to say in respect of the matter, in response he pleaded not guilty.
“I am not guilty my Lord” Alie Kabba replied.

Asked whether he wish to testify in the High Court when indicted, he said he wish to explain and has witnesses to call to testify on his behalf.

His counsels are presently trying to secure his release.