Opposition flag-bearer contender, Alie Kabba who is currently in police custody for alleged Bigamy was denied bail for the second time yesterday Monday 4th of January in a magistrate court.


The court proceedings were put to a stand still after defense lawyers for the accuse asked for complain filed by Diana who also was tolate to appear in court with her lawyers.

According to reporters inside the court room there was no formal or written complain before the magistrate, so prosecuting police and Diana had to leave the court room to go prepare a written statement.

The defense team for Alie Kabba presented a renewed bail application to the magistrate after the long court recess the magistrate addressing both defense and prosecution lawyers said that he would need a single day to go through the renewed bail application filed by Alie Kabba defense team before making any decision.

Alie Kabba was taken back to prison as he awaits the judge decision.