“I have never joined the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) contrary to the lies being peddled against me by my detractors. I was not in Africa, not to talk about Sierra Leone during the civil war,” one of the aspirants for the flag bearer of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Alie Kabba told New Vision yesterday.


Mr. Kabba was reacting to allegations making rounds on the social media that he took part in the eleven years brutal rebel war in the country. He accused members of the All Peoples Congress (APC) party of making such allegations aimed at distracting his campaign, but that they will not succeed.

“They have tried many times to destroy my image but they have failed and I can understand that. This is politics wherein they want to keep my campaign message off but they will not succeed,” he stressed.

Mr. Kabba emphasized that the APC will not succeed in manufacturing anything that will destroy his hard earned reputation.

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He however noted that the APC propaganda is about to distract him from his political ambition, but that he will not treat them with seriousness.

The erudite politician pointed out that if he was part of the rebel war, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) should have recommended his trial by the International Criminal Court (ICC) but nothing like that happened.

The SLPP flag bearer aspirant said the issue has been investigated by the ICC and it was discovered that he never took part in the war.

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Throwing light on his aspiration, the activist added that they in the SLPP are very fortunate to have men and women of high caliber in the party across the country.

He said, if elected, he will bring to the table clarity of vision with integrity and that he will work towards the common vision to make sure that he actualized that vision especially to give opportunities to the 99% of people that are suffering in the country.

“I am an activist and nationalist with a proven track record to fight for what I believe in, and I’m not a politician who has been in this race for over and over again,” he asserted.

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He articulated that this is the time he thought it best for a radical progressive nationalist like him to come on the political stage in order to give hope to those who have been left out, the voiceless and the marginalized. That is why according to him, his campaign is based on everybody in, no one out and everybody up, no one down.

Mr. Kabba expressed that he is a unifier, a bridge builder and he believes in bringing something that will help SLPP win in all corners of the country and knock the APC out of power in the 2018 elections.

When asked whether his current court case would not affect his political popularity, he responded that it is a matter of legality and will not comment, but emphasized that it has never disturbed his popularity and it will never disturb it.