The Founder and General Overseer of the CHRIST REVIVAL EVANGELISTIC MINISTRIES aka SANCTUARY PRAISE CHURCH, Evangelist Victor Ajisafe has, in a formal written and signed statement, tendered his apologies to Muslims for his widely condemned hate speech sermon of which an audio and video clip went viral on social media on or around 25th September 2017.

Writing with regret, he asked for forgiveness from Sierra Leoneans. He especially apologised to President Koroma, Mufti Menk, entire Islamic community, the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party and also the Christian community for his words that almost set the country apart on religious lines.

In his Apology Statement, Evangelist Victor Ajisafe said he is very committed to uphold the religious tolerance of Sierra Leone hence he vowed that he would never do anything to start internal strife in the country.

He thanked the entire Body of Christ in Sierra Leone and all Christians who stood by him during difficult times he faced as a result of his misguided and unfortunate statements. He profusely apologised repeatedly in the signed statement as he retracted all his false attacks on distinguished persons and the Muslim religion.

Awareness Times is informed by credible sources that a further recorded video clip and audio clip of Evangelist Ajisafe as he repeatedly apologises to Muslims and to the entire Nation, will be released shortly. The video and audio will buttress the signed Apology already circulated as written words on paper.

Accompanying this update is the statement by Evangelist Victor Ajisafe.