Pastor Victor Ajisafe has said that his statement about Mufti Menk and Islam in Sierra Leone was made out of opinion and he has taken responsibility for it.

This was made known by The Body of Christ, a body which consists of outstanding men of God at a press conference held at the jam-packed Bethel World Outreach Ministries International on 156 Circular Road in Freetown.

Speaking during the Press conference, Rev. Jonathan Titus William who spoke on behalf of The Body of Christ, said that Evangelist Ajisafe has taken responsibility of his statement because he made it out of opinion but not out of the Body of Christ and maintained that they are sorry for the occurrence of such an event.

Rev. William disclosed that their desire is to ensure Churches operates under the umbrella of Body of Christ.

When asked if it was true that Evangelist Ajisafe should appear in Court, the Body of Christ responded that it was not to their knowledge that he has been charged to Court.

Rev. Francis Vincent Davies appealed to the Body of Christ to remain calm, pray and be very careful on the way they are preaching so that they can maintain peace. He said they as men of God will do all what it takes to make the matter a thing of the past for the fact that he said, it has the propensity to overturn our peace and unity we have been enjoying for many years.