According to George Momoh, Secretary General of the Local Community Policing Partnership Board Committee Milton Margai section in the Eastern Region district headquarters of Kenema, the Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police, Kawo Kamara has authorized them to join the Police in all night patrol.

Kenema City

Momoh said its largely due to an unprecedented increase of youth violence among clique members in the district who put people through sleepless nights.

He made the disclosure over the weekend in the township in an exclusive interview with Sierraloaded. Momoh said they are doing their utmost best to secure their localities from the marauding clique members, noting they are informant for the Police and they are provided with support by the SLP and that they wouldn’t seat by and watch the clique members in trying to render the area insecure.

He disclosed that some mischievous youths have given a whole lot of problems to the community which is why they are working assiduously to eliminate insecurity.

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It could be recalled that the sleeping and peaceful town of Kenema was rattled recently with the starling discovery of various violence clique boys who has been seriously terrorizing the community.

“Well before this time there were clique members who had been disturbing peaceful citizens for no good reason but we have tried to put them under control,” Momoh disclosed.

He added: “We know these boys because we stay together within the township. At around 12 mid night almost everyday they terrorized various communities by physically attacking people whom they suspect of have money”.

Again, he said this has been on the increase, but the coming of the AIG Kawo Kamara and due to their partnership they have arrested many and some are in prison.

“I am an informant helping the people to restore and maintain peace and tranquility to the community, although I am not been paid. It is a pity sometimes when the Police are called at crime scene they do not respond early as expected,” a Vigilante who identified himself as James.
In some sections of Kenema, he noted natives are fearful even inside their house at night as clique members reportedly attach, and carted away whatever they could lay hands on.

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“Business homes close early because they fear being attacked by youths who parade at night with offensive weapons, determined to attack anyone within sight,” he regretted.

He went on to alleged that cliques attack innocent people in their homes more especially those living in dark area of the town and sometimes women are been rape and injuries inflicted on them particularly those who resist.

He said AIG Kawo Kamara welcomed the idea of vigilante group which was why he invoked them into providing security for the town so as to help bolster security in communities at night.

“Police deploy personnel alongside with we the vigilantes,” he adds.

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He furthered that they were determined to put an end to gang violence in Kenema, adding their robust action have seen calm return to the once peaceful city, especially after the partnered with the Police to clampdown on clique members.

Earlier, Momoh said the most common crimes in the township were robbery with aggravated circumstances, assault, wounding, sexual penetration, and minor crimes.

Narrating the horrific act of the gangsters, he said “It like during the rebel war when we would be rudely awaking up to know when the rebels would strike”.