Eighteen year old Sorie Kamara is a junior secondary school student farmer at Kathakare community in Magbema Chiefdom, Kambia District.

A young farmer in Africa

During a recent visit to the community by Government and World Bank officials, Awoko met with young Sorie Kamara and Kadiatu Bangura who are indigenes of Kathakare and are school going children involved in rice farming.

Explaining further, Sorie said farming is the main source of livelihood in that part of the country, and it is his family tradition that every member of the family helps out on the land used for rice cultivation.

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He noted that since childhood, rice cultivation has been a part of his life and at age 18, Sorie has mastered the art of rice planting and other vegetable gardening.

Sorie added that he finds it strange when some young people especially in rural communities are reluctant to do farm work, using school work as an excuse leaving the burden on their parents to bear.

He noted that when young people refuse to engage in farming, most of them have to drop out of school due to the heavy work load as well as aging of their parents and as a result, if they are unable to till the land, farming yields decreases and resources to pay education bills will also drop.

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Sorie Kamara encouraged young people that nothing is wrong to be going to school and at the same time engage in farming, noting that agriculture is the only way out of poverty, and gateway to access quality education.

He maintained that farming does not affect his school work, because he only goes to the farm to help out on weekends.

Sorie disclosed that after completing his education he wants to be a politician, which he will use as an advocacy platform to get more people on board to engage in agriculture.

On her part, Kadiatu Bangura, a JSS 2 student explained that her late father was a seasoned rice farmer, but as age caught up with him including ill health, she had to stop going to school together with her younger siblings.

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She furthered that when her relatives took her in after her father’s demise, she had no alternative but to help out with agriculture work which is the family’s main source, and from their efforts she together with her siblings made, they are back in school and at the same time carrying on with agriculture work.

Kadiatu expressed appreciation to her relatives for giving her and her younger ones hope to a better future.