• By Gibrillafricanus

When Politicians are elected into offices of national responsibilities, they are expected to deliver to their electorates in line with their electioneering promises. Unfortunately, this is not the case with our politicians especially in Africa. And in the case of Sierra Leone, the people have lost so much trust and confidence in their political leaders.

However, I’m giving this advise especially to the youths of this country. If Sierra Leone has to develop, it all depends to how we the youths defined our attitude towards electing someone who will lead this country forward. Let forget about Partizan influence and party party sentiment.

Sierra Leone should serve as our first priority. And we can only archive this when we are ready to give the cap to whom it fit regardless of which colour or tribe he/she represent. Let say NO to those politicians who will be coming with a lot of big englishes from the diaspora. This time round we should be very conscious and vigilant.

Gone are the days when politicians will just come with a bag of rice and alcohol to influence the mind set of the youths. Gibrillafricanus say’s we the youths are not fools anymore. We would scrutinize and screen every politicians very well before casting our votes.