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Sierraloaded offers wide range of engaging content to thousands of visitors and receive thousands of page views monthly according to the site stats from Google and Alexa Internet.

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Fastest-growing web portal in Sierra Leone

With over 80 thousand visitors per month (according to Google Analytics), has evolved to become one of Sierra Leone’s most widely-accessed websites.

Sierraloaded Homepage

What is is an information-oriented web-portal. Our users can choose what type of information they want to see displayed. They can opt for reading news, listening to music, watch videos, scan job offers, play games, use our forum or Sierraloaded social network.

  • Our vision

    We are striving to develop an innovative, globally-visited web-portal service sustained through direct advertising.

  • Our mission

    To make citizens life better with the Internet. To keep the masses informed, educated, entertained and allow the freedom of expression of opinion.

Sierraloaded Full Stats

1. 80,000+ Unique Visitors Monthly.
2. Over 500 Thousand Pageviews [Average Monthly].
3. Visitors from Over 100 Countries.
4. Most Visit from United States, United Kingdom, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, & Ghana.
6. Average of 6 Minutes Online per visitors
7. Thousands+ Facebook Fans
8. Hundreds+ Twitter Followes
9. Over 5,000+ WhatsApp Subscribers
10. Thousands+ Email & Phone Number Subscribers

Audience Profile


Audience Formats


This form of online advertising is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser. At, we have a substantial amount of banner spaces, each attracting a high impression rate. We Currently Offer Banner Ads of this sizes:  728 x 90 – [Leaderboard], 300 x 250 – [Medium Rectangle], 160 x 600 – [Skyscraper], 300 x 300 [large Rectangle], 300 x 600 [larger Rectangle], 300 x 250 [Mobile Ads Banner], 1280 x 1024 – [Site Background Takeover]


Teasers can be added to the site to make our vast audience curious about a new product, service, or new brands.

Special Placement

Not only this ad placement displays your brand but also interacts with the audience. Your concepts and designs, whether flash or API-based, can be added to specific locations anywhere on

PR Articles:

You tell about your company, its activities and projects. The customer sees you in a positive light!

Site Wallpaper

This large and prominent special ad format offers a lot of space for your ad and guarantees a maximum attention.

Fullscreen Adverts

Full-screen interstitial ad is a full-page ad that appears before the actual webpage.

Social Media Adverts

You can target our large number of social media followers. Available social media include WhatsApp (Over 5,000 Subscribers), Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.


 Our experts always fulfill clients’ expectations. Here at, we consider every client as our partner who trusts us and whose interests we serve.


Adverts Eligibility

We will reject Ads that we consider to be ethically or morally questionable in one way or the other. Every Ad to be placed on is subject to critical scrutiny and approval from our advertising administrators before going live.

Advert Placement Procedure/Rates

Kindly Check Here to see our Estimated Advertising Rates and find out how much it’ll cost to advertise on the various Ad Spots of on the long run and short terms.

To place ads on, the first step is to get your ad banner designed by a good graphic designer. Your ad banner must be border-less and must correspond with your desired Ad size.

The banner must be less than 50kb in size, and MUST in the GIF, PNG or JPG format.

That done, send an email (to: with you banner as an attachment and the landing page as text. Also, include an Advert Title and your contact information.

Your advert will be reviewed within 24hours. However, it might not be approved if it’s deceptive or illegal or morally questionable. in some way.

Upon approval, we will provide you with information about payment and your advert can go live.
We will notify you once your advert is placed and billing takes place immediately.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Best regards,
Abu Sorie